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my life is something

omg yes so my wedding is going to be something that i haven't decided yet. good maybe? i don't think it will be drama free, but you know...that is my life in a nutshell. what is life without some drama.

i think the thing that bothers me most is my job at the moment. sucks so bad. i feel like my job is a dead end right now. i i had a customer come for a counseling appointment and spend 60 minutes telling me about his inflamed anus and yeah there you go. totally getting the most out of my nutrition degree. also we are really crossing the line of ethics at work when it comes to product endorsement. can't stand being told to promote things i do not believe are healthy (and i don't bc it's WRONG). not to mention it's SUPER irritating that associates treat me like i don't do anything at all. i'm a god damn health professional for crying out loud. =/

things i'm good at as a dietitian: being able to turn anything into granola
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where exactly are all the days going?

I'm very flighty with this thing of a journal of mine. Honestly, a lot has happened to me since the last time I posted. Some good. A lot bad. But I try hard to dwell in it too long nowadays. I like being happy and making other people happy and thinking too much on the bad will only give me an ulcer at best.

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I started watching a bunch of things recently too: Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks & Recreation, Modern Family and wow what freakin' great TV there. Rewatched West Side Story for the millionth time and that one never ever gets old. And it's nice to kind of unwind with these things because most nights I come home like totally upset and stuff. But then I just start and episode of one of these shows and feel the day kind of peel away. It's so nice. And wow do I hope Community and Teen Wolf are just as good when they start up again. I'm like super thrilled, but also terrified because the writers just don't sit well with me right now. I just really question their decisions...and ugh...we'll see. But still woefully obsessed I'm afraid. And hell I'm still obsessed with Young Justice (always and forever it may seem), but wow let's just go ahead and add Morning Glories to that obsession too.

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And I guess that's about it for now. I should be doing work. It's funny how when I have a million things do I actually remember that I have an LJ. Procrassssttiiinnnaaatttttiiioooonnnn.
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Oh, look! I'm crawling out of the depths of hell. I've finally found livejournal again. I forget how less hostile it is here and...peaceful. But that could be all entirely due to the fact that a lot of people have abandoned ship. But regardless. To those of you who still remain, HI! I missed you, let me bake you cookies.

If you don't know, I'm still spiraling down this abyss called Young Justice. But I'm currently clinging on to dear life of the perfection that was season 1. Just gonna keep holding on tight right here. My precious babies. My babus. My babes.

I miss Wally. Like I really, really miss him. And every week without him feels really horrible. I actually moped around my job over it. I mean, in retrospect, I'm being a little over the top, but then again he's my favorite character...and he's literally the only Wally we have in the DC universe at the it's like...HOW ABOUT YOU GIVE HIM TO ME FOR A LITTLE WHILE BEFORE HE'S OUT OF EXISTENCE AGAIN WHEN THE SEASON ENDS.

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I guess the only way to fix this foul mood of mine is to write and hope everything gets better. I never knew a show could ruin me as a person until now. Good show.
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Okay, so I'm super sorry I didn't respond to any comments last time I posted. This is the first time in literally a month that I've been able to access my account without getting a dumb varnishing error. I don't know what you're deal is LJ, but whatevs! In a funny turn of events, since I wasn't able to log on, I couldn't turn off my automatic payment for my LJ, so I am now with another year with a paid account. *internal crying* I really needed that $30. All well. I guess this just means I"ll have to try using my LJ know if it let's me.

IN OTHER MORE IMPORTANT NEWS THOUGH I AM CURRENTLY ROLLING AROUND IN A LOT OF FEELINGS OVER A SINGLE PANEL IN ISSUE #24 OF THE YOUNG JUSTICE COMICS. I almost completely missed it and I really had to think about it before I made the epic connection.

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Starting with a clean slate: Hello 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I'm excited for what maybe one of the most awesome years of my life. I imagine it starting rough, but I'm hoping that half way in that things really start rolling and I'll be a happy little clam. I mean, NYE was not how I imagined spending the last day of the year, but I'll make due with what I got.

I'm contemplating not renewing my paid account for the first time in ever. It's gotten to be a bit too expensive just to keep icons...and considering how often I end up keeping my LJ up to date, I'm not exactly sure it's worth the $30. I know...big cheapskate over here, but honestly...I have to really start spending my money more wisely. I'm like dreading everything expense wise at the moment, but now that the holidays are essentially over, I don't have to beat my wallet up anymore, which is perfect. I'll probably be eating like rice and beans for a majority of the year now to save every penny I can.

And then applications. I AM GOING TO DIE. I died nearly writing one scholarship application...and if that's any indication of how the real admission applications will be for this stupid internship...I WILL NOT MAKE IT TO SEE FEBRUARY. I'M DOOMED!
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New Years

Wow, almost the end of the year already. Kind of crazy. I felt like the year dragged on pretty slow, and with my growing hate for my job, I can only watch the days tick off slowly before I can officially leave.

It's pretty awesome though that I'm inching my way closer. I think the reality hit me when I was filling out my scholarship application for my internship (I hope I get into). It was like, WOW THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. SHIT! Oh, let me be useful and interesting this year (that should be my resolution). I need to impress everyone if I want to get anywhere in my career. Ugh, but then I'm like a freakin' sack of potatoes if anything. This will be difficult.

I'm kind of hoping that this year will be awesome though. Like I have things I want to do or am planning to do. Like I have this fabulous summer I'm anticipating. There will be a week long Disney vacation in July and I'm hoping that sometime before September I'll get a chance to go to California. I just really always wanted to go to the West Coast and I just have to figure out what I want to see and do there before I start anticipating costs because I'm 100% sure that it won't be cheap. Ugh. But you live once though right? I don't know.

And then Young Justice will be off hiatus finally and I will have my precious babies back and all the heartache that goes along with it. *insert ugly sobbing*

I will never talk about Naruto again. I'm so done with you.

What did I learn this year? If you want your life to continue sucking, then don't change anything about your life.
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She's not very friendly

I miss my cat so much. I have no idea why I've become overwhelm with feelings, but I miss her so much. Like I had thoughts of her being a little kitty. They gave her to me when she was just born, my mom picked her up from work. AND SHE HAD FLEAS. And I remember crying cause I didn't know what to do and no one would help me. And she'd just meow while I gave her like her 5th bath and my mom would yell at me while I was crying saying things like I was going to kill her. BUT WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO!? She eventually got better and then she got sassy and she just doesn't like it much when people touch her, but when she likes know. She'll like be all suave and curl up by your feet when you least expect it. And I just miss that a lot especially if I'm off cause she usually comes trotting down the stairs to come curl up by my feet.


Woman's best friend.
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Random Thoughts

1. I really, really, really wish I could see the Rockefeller Tree in ugh...I remember seeing it last year and it was so great and...I JUST FEEL LIKE IF I SEE IT I WOULD BE SO HAPPY!

2. I need to fill my itunes with Christmas music. I need so much Christmas music in my life right now!

3. No one will take me to see the tree this year. This makes me sad.



6. Today wasn't awful. Hurray!

7. But I really want to see this tree...

8. I need to work on these Wally/Artemis prompts tomorrow. I'm behind a day. Ack!