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She blooms like burning.

25 August 1986
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This is the journal that holds the collective ramblings of a medical technologist by day, anime and comic loving fangirl by night. She loves all things sweet, and is a shopping addict. When she has time, she enjoys to cook, make graphics, and fangirl over her favorite characters and pairings.

Pairings: ArtemisxWally (Young Justice), NejixTenten (Naruto), AmuxIkuto (Shugo Chara), CloudxAerith (FFVII), FujimotoxKobato (Kobato), HagixSaya (Blood+)
Television: Community, Young Justice, What Not To Wear, America's Best Dance Crew
Music: BoA, ELLEGARDEN, BONNIE PINK, m-flo, PARAMORE, Jet, Radiohead, The Killers, No Doubt
Hobbies: Shopping, Graphics, Reading, Writing, Cooking, Baking

Friending? All you have to do is click the button. ;)
Graphics? Yes, I make them. Want to see them? They are all at Emerald Paint. Follow rules before taking.
Requests? I take them on occasion. Don't friend this journal if that's all you want.
Layout? Base coding for the layout by aeval. Header art belongs to DC. Tenten mood theme by me.

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